SCI of Etang Neuf

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   The Lake
   The Cottage
   The Fishes
   Google Maps
   Anne, Mark et James holidays 
   Aurélie and Thomas holidays
   Gary Ward and his friends' holidays
   Kathy and Roger's holidays 
   Sheila et Ron's holidays
   Antony's holidays
   Scott and Peter's holidays
   Album 2010
   Kevin and his friends week-end.
   Mick and his friends holidays
   Colin's holidays 
   M. Freezefond's week-end
   Mr. Souef's holidays
   Chevalier's family holidays
   Becky and Karl's holidays
   Julien and his family 's holidays
   Week-end de Romain et Alison.
   Jackie and Geoff's holidays
   Mr. Lerebourg'holidays
   Romain and Alison's holidays.
   Kathy eand Roger's holidays 
   Album 2011
   Big week-end for Nicolas !
   The exploit of the day !!
   Family holidays !!!
   Romain and Alison's best photos
   Good week-end for Nicolas.
   Très bonne semaine pour M. et Mme Franck Viard
   Terry's holidays 
   Two good wee-end for Vincent
   The record of 8th septembre !!
   Familly Petit's holidays in september.
   Second week holidays for Mr. De Jonghe.
   4 weeks holidays for  Roger and Kathy
   Album 2012
   Week-end d'ouverture pour Nicolas
   Barry and Gay staied 2 weeks on the lake.
   New week for Nicolas !
   Good week for Colin and his Grand-son !
   Pas de bredouille pour Mick !
   April record for Nicolas
   Paul and his friends treap !!
   New week-end for Nico and Gaëtan. 
   Mr and Mrs Vidalet 
   New week-end for Nico ... with family !
   First holiday this year for Geoff eand Jackie !
   One good week-end for Nico again!!
   Paul R's team in May
   Longues vacances de Ron et Sheila
   Album 2013
   Only 5 days for Ian and Steve 
   Welcome to our friends Geoff and Jackie
   Very good fishing for Steven and David
   Petit's familly holidays !
   Mr Humphries holidays
   Franck and Catherine's holidays
   Album 2014
   Très bon week-end pour M. Fourreau et ses amis
   One week holidays for Rossignol's family
   Bigest carp for 2014 : 56Pounds 8OZ
   Very good week for Mick & Chris
   4 weeks holidays for Roger and Kathy
   Rules & regulations