Set in the magnificent French countryside, Etang Neuf is a very attractive 25 acres lake within easy reach of the channel ports.

At a three hour drive through the beautiful Normandy landscape, the lake is well placed for those unfamilar with long journeys abroad.

A strictly limited number of anglers ensures ample space to fish comfortably and there is excellent access by car to the flat grassy banks at the rear of each swim. The site is secured behind gates locked at night, which together with toilets and shower by the lake, give this venue many advantages.

Since 1981

L'Etang Neuf 

Since the lake was created in 1981 the many hundreds of carp that were stocked have grown at an impressive rate and now the top weights are over 50 lbs, with dozens of thirties and hundreds of doubles and twenties.


A Provides luxury accommodatiojn


A built chalet (the French call this a Gite), which sleeps up to six people, is available. This provides luxury accommodation right at the waters edge.
An excellent family venue which is the ideal place to catch your first 20 lb carp, but the presence of very large carps, makes it equally suitable for dedicated anglers looking for excellent sport without driving for hours across France.