Our Lake is opened from 01st of March to 01rst of November. Our prices are the same during all the year.

Boat to rent for a week : 30 €

NEW !! All swims has electric on. Only if you want used it, the price is 23 € for a week.

Also you can used a freezer in the chalet. It's free.

You can contact directly our agent in England : Rob.

Email :


 1 week per fisher

  220 €
 1 week for the gîte included 2 fishers   790 €
 1 week per non fisher     30 €
 All the lake for 1 week with the gîte, maximum 15 fishers  2770 €


Les réservations de courts séjours (moins de 7 jours) ne seront pas pris plus de 15 jours à l'avance.