The Lake

The lake has existed for over 200 years; its principal use was to provide water for agricultural purposes.

However it fell into disrepair at the turn of the century and remained empty until the present owners,

Didier and Isabelle Mosur, purchased the land, refilled and stocked the lake with carp in 1981.

They have since built their home on the surrounding land adjacent to the lake – so they are always available for help and advice.






The lake is approximately 25 acres in size with a small island in the middle.

As a rough guide, to the left of the island and towards the dam, the lake is around 8 – 9 feet deep on average and on the other side it trails off gradually into the shallows.

There is a maximum of 11 anglers at any time. All the swims are large double swims and access is excellent with firm grassy banks all along the northern bank – you can bring your vehicle up directly behind you.

Bring a caravan if you like – there’s plenty of room!


A beautiful secure place inside nature

Baiting with authorized boats
There are no real snags or hazards in the water except fallen trees and roots on the far tree line. Fishing is only allowed from the Northern bank, except for the anglers who are renting the Gite – they can use the first two swims on both the North and South banks. Boats are allowed for baiting. All we ask is that you show common sense and respect for others.

Fishing on the edges of Lakes

A Stunning Sport !

You can use up to 4 rods and there is no problem with night fishing. The normal carp tackle you use in the UK will be adequate but we suggest you use 15 lb b/s line as a minimum. As with all fishing, nothing is ever guaranteed, but if you fish well you’ve every chance of some stunning sport!