Rules & regulations



-         Fishermen must pass by the management office before getting settled on a fishing spot

-         Using the boat is permitted; the use will be under the responsibility of the user

-         The use of a maximum of four fishing rods is authorized

-         Catching pikes is strictly forbidden

Fishing with dead and live fish is strictly forbidden

-         Fishing must be performed straight ahead

-       No carps sacks permitted


Visitors, Cars

-         Drivers must move on the property at a snail’s pace (below 10 km/h)

-         The use of cars by fishermen on the property will be by exceptional clearance upon request.

-         Any non-fishing person, anyone not sleeping in the guest house will be considered as being a visitor

-         Visitors have to leave their cars on the car park

-         Visitors must leave the property before 8 p.m. , which is the time for closing gates



-     The use of the provided bathrooms is mandatory

-         Trash must be packed into appropriate plastic bags and put down by the gate

-         Sorting of rubbish into different types of recycling is compulsory


Any breach of these Rules & Regulations will lead to the immediate expulsion of the fisherman without any refund.


The management of the “Etang Neuf” offers the opportunity to recharge batteries of small remote controlled boats at a weekly fee of 5€ per boat.

The management also proposes to rent out a rowing boat at a weekly fee of 30€; it is possible to book the boat in advance depending on its availability.



                                                            The Management