The Fishes

Carp were first stocked in 1981 when the lake was refilled. Because it had been empty for nearly 100 years the lake had reverted back to a field.

This meant that the lake bed was very fertile, making it easy for a range of aquatic life, including blood worm, to become established. In this rich environment the carp flourished and grew quickly.

Those original stock fish are now between 35 to 60 lbs (15 to 30 kg) in weight.

Further stockings have taken place most years, including Grass carp and Catfish, so the lake is now very heavily stocked.

For the record there are:

  • around 1000 carp, 80% above 20 lbs in weight
  • the lake records is a 60 lbs Mirror carp, a 58.5 lbs commun
  • there are 50 Grass carp up to 40 lbs in weight
  • there are Catfish up to 70 lbs in weight

Most of the fishes are caught with boilies, but do not neglect baits  such as corns and striped walnuts and tiger nuts (all nuts and particules must be properly prepared and cooked). We stocked 250 carp between 15 and 25 lbs at end of 2006 and a further 150 between 10 and 20 lbs at end of 2007 witch now gives a head of carp in excess of 1000.